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Are you a Hardcore Ironman, or know someone who is? Let this red-glowing sign show off the risk and danger of your adventure. It’s more than just a cool light – it’s a constant reminder of the perilous journey you’ve set out on. Each sign is expertly crafted from premium materials, so it's tough and lasts a long time. Plus, it saves energy and can shine bright for up to 50,000 hours - that’s more than half a decade!

You can adjust how bright it is with an easy-to-use controller that comes with the sign. You can hang this sign on the wall or put it on a stand, all thanks to the extra stuff we include in the box. Don't worry - setting it up is a piece of cake!

Here's what you need to know:

  • It's 7.6 x 8.9 inches. The perfect size for your desk, shelf, or wall!
  • You can hang it up with the stuff we give you, or you can use the stand to keep it close by.
  • It gets power from a USB plug and comes with a control to change how bright it is.
  • We use colored tubes, so your sign still looks great even when it's not lit up!
  • The LED lights last up to 50,000 hours. That's like leaving it on for 6 straight years!

Want to learn more? Look at our Sign FAQ here!

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