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Our Signs


Our LED signs are a show of excellent craftsmanship. They're made with crystal clear acrylic backing, cut with precise machinery for smooth, round corners. We use top-notch LED tubes that don't fade and give off awesome light. Plus, they're energy efficient - these lights can shine bright for up to 50,000 hours. That's like having it on non-stop for 6 whole years! Enjoy long-lasting, top-notch quality with our signs.


Our signs are super easy to use. Just plug into a USB, and use the included controller to adjust the brightness. Set the perfect mood for any event. Plus, the colored tubes make the sign look cool even when it's off. You're in control with our signs.


By choosing our signs you are directly supporting the RuneScape community. CreatorCrafted was started by Crumb & CrusaderTalent to fill unoccupied sponsor slots for many of RuneScape’s most loved content creators, helping them maintain content creation as a full-time job. Plus, our signs are produced with the permission of Jagex Ltd under license. © 2023

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