RuneScape's Softest Friends and Foes.

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Design Changes

Hey, place your pre-order a while ago? You may have noticed the product photos here have been updated. We sent an email about this, but we're working hard to improve the designs before they go out.

Notably, hiding internal stitching and using embroider design elements on small details like teeth, eyes, and noses so they last longer over time.

We hope you love these changes. If not, please give us a heads up on the contact page!

Before and after

What do you want us to make next?

Designed with ❤️ by Witchy

We've partnered with WitchCrafty, a two-time Golden Gnome winner and the creator of Mod Ash's favorite OSRS merchandise ever, the Giant Jad, to bring her cherished plushie collection to life.

Don't miss your opportunity to collect RuneScape's softest friends and foes before they're gone for good!

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