About Our Signs

Everything you need to know about our signs

Do the signs make any noise?

Absolutely not! Our LED signs have sworn an oath of silence. You can rest easy, there will be no humming, no buzzing, no crackling - just pure, brilliant glow!

Can I change the brightness?

Absolutely! Every one of our signs comes equipped with a handy controller, giving you the power to fine-tune the brightness to perfectly suit your space. What's more? Our signs are crafted using colored tubes, ensuring your sign maintains its eye-catching allure, even when it's taking a power nap!

Can I use my sign outside?

As much as we'd love to see your LED sign glitter under the stars, they're not crafted for prolonged exposure to the great outdoors. Keep your shiny treasure safe indoors, away from water, and it'll continue to light up your gaming haven for many quests to come!

How hot do the signs get?

Wondering if these LED beauties can crank up the heat? Fear not! Our LED signs run cooler than a mage casting an Ice Barrage. Since our signs run at low voltage (5v) they can shine bright for years without ever breaking a sweat.

Will my sign be easy to install?

Setting up your LED sign is simpler than casting a Home Teleport spell. The box arrives armed with the necessary screws, ready to be turned by your trusty screwdriver. Not keen on wall mounting? No problem! Many of our signs come with an attachable base, perfect for standing proudly on any flat surface in your fortress. Consider it your easiest quest yet!

How long will my sign last?

Our signs are crafted to last. The premium LED strips we use have an average life expectancy of 50,000 operating hours. That's akin to having your sign turned on for six years straight!

How can I clean my sign?

Like every experienced RuneScape player knows, even the most legendary gear requires a little upkeep. The same applies to your LED sign! Follow these easy steps to keep your sign looking great:
    (1) Safety first! Unplug your LED sign before starting the cleaning process, akin to banking your loot before entering the wilderness.
    (2) Dust off those elusive particles using a can of compressed air. It's just like using a gust of wind spell, but in real life!
    (3) Next, using a soft cloth, gently buff the LED tubes. For an intensive clean, feel free to use a household glass cleaner.
    (4) Once all is clean and dry, it's time to plug it back in and enjoy!

    Need details on shipping, returns, and more? For all non-LED sign questions, swing by our General FAQ. It's your one-stop shop for all those extra details!